Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Beautiful Angel!

I know I am being "one of those" parents that cannot stop staring at their baby and talking about how beautiful and perfect they are! I cannot help it! Charlotte brings SO much joy to not only my life but so many others around her! In fact the other day at church a member of our ward came up to Chris and I and told us about how Charlotte has brought such a light and joy to the ward. She said that countless testimonies were strengthened from this experience of ours. I could not agree more! I have always had a testimony of my Savior and that our Father in Heaven knows and loves each and everyone of us, but to be able to have this tender mercy and experience has brought so much more understanding and meaning of the gospel. I am so thankful for my daughter and the example she has already set for so many including myself! 

Enjoy some more pictures! I cannot believe how much she is growing up!