Sunday, May 20, 2012

Half a year already?

Where does the time go? I feel like I write that same line over and over again and say that over and over again but it is so true! I cannot believe that it has been over half a year since our miracle came into our lives! We are so thankful for her! Charlotte has such a spunky personality and keeps us all entertained for hours! We love everything about our sweet Charlotte but here are some of our favorite things about our baby girl:
- She is a professional raspberry blower (she can blow those raspberries like nobodies business!)
- She LOVES Elmo. No, she is obsessed with Elmo! She thinks he is the funniest thing that ever lived!
- She LOVES food, you can give her anything and she will eat it. I am so thankful she is not a picky eater!
- She loves to laugh. Everywhere we go and anything we do she seems to find laughter in it all. Total strangers literally tell us everyday what a happy funny baby she is!
 - She loves the sound of her voice and has two pitches she talks and sings at...a really low grumble and a very high pitch squeal!
- She loves music and dances and wiggles to it all the time!

In a nutshell, she really is the most adorable, sweet, loving, and most beautiful baby girl! We are all smitten with her!

Charlotte with Aunt Evi and Uncle Adam 

Charlotte blowing her raspberries! 

Grandpa's Birthday 

She loves her toes! 

Charlotte picked this scary looking stuffed monkey at the zoo and cannot go anywhere without it now!