Monday, June 4, 2012

When Daddy's away, the girls will play....

Charlotte and I kissed Chris goodbye in the wee hour of 3am Friday morning as he headed off to Yosemite for a fishing trip with his brothers and friend. Charlotte and I had our first Mommy/Daughter trip all on our own! Well, maybe not entirely alone, we had Charlotte's Aunt Kate and Aunt Megan and her cousin Caleb along for the ride (did I mention Caleb is only 5 days younger than Charlotte?!) We had a blast out in Palm Springs! There was lots of swimming, playing, eating, relaxing and napping to be had at her aunts house! Charlotte missed her daddy but boy oh boy did her daddy miss her!! Needless to say it was a joyful reunion this afternoon for the two of them when Chris came home! 

 I love this picture taken of Charlotte, it really shows off the size of her delicious cheeks! 
 Charlotte and her cousin Caleb hanging out

Hanging out in the pool on a warm Palm Springs evening