Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Back In the Saddle Again...

Wow! It has been WAAAY too long since my last post. In fact, too long to even mention (cough, over a year, cough) It really is true after all, time really does fly when you are having fun! So many events have happened and not enough blog space to tell it all! So I will summarize the best I can! We had not only a first birthday but a 2nd birthday for Miss Charlotte! Her 2nd year birthday party was a Minnie Mouse theme complete with a Mickey Clubhouse jumper and a oversized stuffed Minnie Mouse! We had a graduation for Chris, a move to a new neighborhood (just down the street from our old place but we LOVE our new place and neighbors) and a new career adventure for Chris in Pharmaceutical Sales. Our little miracle Charlotte keeps us laughing non-stop all day and night! She is so smart! She knows her entire alphabet and counts to 10, she loves colors and likes to tell us the color of our eyes and her eyes all the time. She loves playing at the park, going to the zoo to see the hippos, playing at the beach, and seeing Minnie and Pluto (we invested in Disneyland Season passes for this year, best decision we ever made) We go at least twice a month. Life has been an absolute blessing, even through the rough patches, it is still absolutely perfect to me. I have come to see that my trials and short comings are nothing but blessings being poured upon me. I am a stronger person because of them and the support I have surrounding me! It doesn't hurt that I am reminded everyday of what a miracle life is and that our Father in Heaven knows and loves each and every one of us. I see it in the beautiful big brown eyes of our sweet Charlotte when she tells me she loves me, when I feel her wrap her little arms around my neck to hug me, and when she plays with my hair as she falls asleep. I feel completely blessed!
 Naked and Free with Oma and Opa
 Helping her Daddy submit his very last College Paper!
 Happy Day! Graduation!
 Cheering Mommy on at the finish line of the marathon
 Camping in the local mountains
 Captured those beautiful brown eyes
 Camping in the Sequoias
 Petting Zoo with Dad
 Pumpkin Patch
 Opening her BEST birthday present!
2nd Birthday Party