Friday, March 16, 2012

My Litle Roly Poly!

It is amazing what can happen in just a week! A week ago I was sitting there holding Charlotte and thinking, “I wonder when she will start rolling over? I wonder if she will get the hang of it quick?” I almost wish I did not think that because low and behold a week later she is a roly poly rolling all over the house. A few days leading up to yesterday  she has been rolling to her side and almost completely over but just never seem to get all the way there. (Mostly because she is teething and has her fist in her mouth every second of the day) If there is one thing I have already learned about her personality is that she is not a quitter! No matter how tired she was from trying to roll over she would not give up. You could tell that she wanted to keep trying until she was there. It made me so proud! Yesterday late afternoon I was getting her ready to take her out for her Daddy’s birthday dinner. I saw that look of determination on her face and placed her on the ground. Within ten seconds she did it! You would have thought I won the lottery by the amount of cheering and jumping up and down! The look on her face was classic after she did it. She looked up and me like the light bulb went on in her head and ever since she is rolling everywhere and loving it!


I did it!

Charlotte's first experience with rice cereal

Feed the cheeks!!!!

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