Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy 11 Months!

I have been reminiscing about what I was doing a year ago today. I was anticipating the arrival of my sweet Charlotte, counting down the days anxiously, and checking my emails every other minute to see if there was any new news about our little one. I would toss and turn all night long thinking about what it would be like to hold her for the first time. Here we are almost one year later and it is better than I ever could have imagined!!! Yes, even the long nights, messy diapers and constant destruction and chaos of an almost walking child. I LOVE IT ALL!!!! No a second of the day goes by that I do not thank our Father in Heaven for this perfect blessing in our life! She has brought so much life and joy into not only our home but our families and friends as well. She is only 11 months old and already has touched so many lives. She keeps us constantly laughing! Just a few of our favorite things:

- She LOVES music, she will hear a song whether on the radio or TV and she will stop everything she is doing to dance to it. 
- She loves books! We read her books over and over and over again. She never gets sick of them
- She loves her Moses (Grandma's Jack Russell) I am convinced that she thinks she is a dog too sometimes! She is his little shadow
- She is almost walking! (She can take a few steps but is very particular about falling on her bottom) 
- She loves to climb the stairs at Grandma's house 
- She love to wave to everyone everywhere!
- Bath is still her favorite time of day. If you could let her stay in there for hours she would
- She loves the outdoors and looking at all the birds
- She is a talker!! She loves to talk to herself and anyone who will listen. I love her baby language!

We love our sweet Charlotte!!!!

 Charlotte and Grandpa at the beach 
 Climbing the stairs
 Love this smile!!!
 Dinner with Uncle Adam and Aunt Evi

 I caught her scaling my harp! 
 She loves to play with Grandmas decorations 
 We found her sitting there hanging out with her pumpkins. She loves Halloween already!!!
Sleeping beauty! 

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  1. She is a true Figgat/Monahan! She loves Halloween, avocado, and water activities? She has her dad's Aqua Jock jeans, it seems!
    I can't wait to see my sweet little niece and the rest of you in a few weeks! I can't believe it's been almost a year...time goes by far too quickly