Friday, March 16, 2012

My Litle Roly Poly!

It is amazing what can happen in just a week! A week ago I was sitting there holding Charlotte and thinking, “I wonder when she will start rolling over? I wonder if she will get the hang of it quick?” I almost wish I did not think that because low and behold a week later she is a roly poly rolling all over the house. A few days leading up to yesterday  she has been rolling to her side and almost completely over but just never seem to get all the way there. (Mostly because she is teething and has her fist in her mouth every second of the day) If there is one thing I have already learned about her personality is that she is not a quitter! No matter how tired she was from trying to roll over she would not give up. You could tell that she wanted to keep trying until she was there. It made me so proud! Yesterday late afternoon I was getting her ready to take her out for her Daddy’s birthday dinner. I saw that look of determination on her face and placed her on the ground. Within ten seconds she did it! You would have thought I won the lottery by the amount of cheering and jumping up and down! The look on her face was classic after she did it. She looked up and me like the light bulb went on in her head and ever since she is rolling everywhere and loving it!


I did it!

Charlotte's first experience with rice cereal

Feed the cheeks!!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Just Another Day In Paradise...

I have always loved that country song but these days I find myself singing it all day long! It does not matter how crazy a day it has been or if Charlotte has been more "fussy" than usual it is still just another day in paradise! She brings this pure joy, happiness, and such an incredible spirit to our home that I cannot find any other way to describe it. I am so thankful for this most perfect blessing in my life! We took Charlotte to the zoo again and I think she loved it even more than the last time! We were there a total of five hours and of that five hours she slept five minutes! The rest of the time was spent in mom's arms cooing and talking to everything and everyone. So much talking that by the time we got home that night her voice was hoarse! We got her to belly laugh for the first time on the way home from the zoo! So rewarding after spending countless hours literally standing on my head to try to get her to laugh! All that blood sweat and tears (well maybe not the blood and tears but there was a lot of sweating from dancing up a storm for her) made it worth it!!! Oh how we LOVE this little girl!!!

 Charlotte at the dinner table
Charlotte at the zoo
Charlotte's First Belly Laugh 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Four Months Already?

I feel like I write that every time it is a new month but I still cannot believe how fast time goes by and how fast our baby girl is growing up! I keep trying to have pep talks every night before bed and tell her to slow down and not grow so fast but then the next morning I swear she is an inch longer and a pound heavier! :) She just keeps getting more and more cute with each passing day! 

 Another photo shoot and of course with her buddy Moses! 

 Her St. Patty's Day Crown! She LOVES to wear crowns already...we are in trouble!
 She LOVES her Daddy and boy oh boy does her Daddy love her!
I love to stare at her hands especially when they are holding onto her favorite lovey!