Monday, February 20, 2012


Chris summed it up perfectly at the end of a very eventful and fun filled weekend when he said that Charlotte has already had more adventures in the past two weekends then most kids have in their lifetime! Last weekend our little family went down to the San Diego Zoo and purchased year long passes which allows us access to both the Zoo and the Wild Animal Park! Needless to say Charlotte LOVES it! When we went to the zoo she just loved the Flamingos and the sheep. I think her favorite part though was the kids running around! 
This weekend was full of adventure again. We took her to the Wild Animal Park. She went to the bird show and saw the Cheetah's run! I think the highlight of the day was seeing the elephants. She just seems to LOVE elephants!! She just sat in her stroller holding her yellow ducky lovie smiling at the world. Everyone we passed would just ooo and aww over her! You can’t blame them she is adorable!!

We even went up to Julian (a quaint little town in the mountains) and walked around in the cold crisp air looking at historical sites and stopping for a cup of hot cocoa and world famous fresh hot apple pie! As you can tell from the pictures she had a blast! I think I have more fun watching Charlotte look at things than actually looking at them myself. She is so innocent and untainted by the world, she sees everything so pure that I have started to pause, take a step back, and really see things as she sees them through her eyes. She is only three months old and I have already learned so much from her! I am so excited to continue our adventures!

Don't you just want to grab those cheeks?

Grandpa, Aunt Shannon, and Charlotte at breakfast.


Part of the Monahan gang warming up with some hot cocoa and fresh pie!

Grandpa warming up his girl.


Goofy face while watching Elmo!

She REALLY likes Elmo.

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