Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Three Months Already?!
I never understood why mom would say that we grew up so fast, all she had to do was blink her eyes and we were older! I TOTALLY understand that now!!! Where does the time go?! I cannot believe that my little girl already three months old! There are not enough hours in the day for me to stare at her. She is so smart and getting smarter! Thank goodness we started saving for her college fund already!  She keeps Chris and I laughing and on our toes every second of the day. Every day I look at her I am reminded of how much our Father in Heaven loves us! She is our miracle! Here are just a few of her milestones/personality that we just adore!
1.      Morning time is her favorite time! Thank goodness we have another morning bird in the family (I have always loved the mornings more) Chris and I have this tradition that we sing the primary song “In the leafy tree tops” except we made up our own version that she just loves. She just sits there and watches us sing and smiles every time!

2.      She LOVES television. Maybe more than I would like her to! J I will be sitting in the rocking chair feeding her and she literally cranes her head and her body to face the T.V. while she eats! I have had to start going in the other room so that she is not so distracted while she eats. But she LOVES her Baby Einstein, Yo Gabba Gabba, and Elmo. It is hilarious to watch her try to dance to the music! She kicks her legs and flails her arms to the music everytime.

3.      She is a talker! She loves to coo and talk to her hands, people, my mom’s dog, you name it she will talk to it. She is definitely not shy. In fact this past Sunday Grandma was teaching the lesson in Relief Society and Charlotte stood in the back of the room with mom talking to her the entire lesson! It was the sweetest thing! People are amazed at the amount that she talks already!

4.      Total strangers will literally walk all the way across a room to come over and see Charlotte and tell me how beautiful she is. She really is the most beautiful baby and I am not just saying that because I am her proud mom! She has these brown eyes that looks right into your soul and a really nice round head too!  She might be a dancer, she is all legs!

5.      She loves color! Whether it is a dress, a book, or an animal she will stare at it for hours and hours!
6.      She has a yellow duck that she just loves and holds on to while she sleeps and plays. Her favorite thing to do is to hold onto the collar of your shirt while she sleeps (It is my favorite too!)

7.      If she could be walking already she would! She tries so hard to use her legs to kick off objects and people to move get where she wants to go.

8.      If she is mad or wants your attention she makes this funny squawk noise to let you know. Almost like a yell but she only does it once! We call it our “warning call” We better get there soon or else we will really hear about it!

Here are some fun pictures from her most recent adventures!

Charlotte and Grandpa. He LOVES his grandbaby!!!

Charlotte had the chance to go visit both of her Great Grandmas! Everyone just adores her!

Charlotte with her second cousins!

 We have discovered that she loves animals (especially fish) good thing we live next to a big ocean!
We have decided that zoo passes are a must this year!

If you cannot tell already, mommy LOVES dressing her up and there is no outfit she cannot rock!

She is SO smart and loves her reading time everyday!!

Charlotte at her local hangout.
She even saw dolphins out in the water that day!

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